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   Welcome to the International Segway Polo Association

The ISPA is the governing body for the players and teams of Segway Polo around the world.  The ISPA's primary responsibility is to develop and maintain a standardized set of rules, facilitating and sanctioning matches and tournaments, promoting Segway Polo, lobbying with regard to Segways, and providing benefits to our members.

Early Segway Polo Game

About Segway Polo

The Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group (Bay Area SEG) began playing Segway Polo in July of 2004. The group and the sport have received widespread attention in the media and interest has grown worldwide.

However, Segway Polo wasn’t created by members of the Bay Area SEG. Unbeknownst to the Bay Area SEG players, at least one other group had played a version of the game at a Minnesota Viking’s half-time.




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Segway Polo Tournament

Segway Polo Tournaments

Every year the International Segway Polo Association sanctions tournaments around the world. Tournaments range in size from local group events such as the California Classic held in the famed Silicon Valley area of California to large scale multinantional events like the Woz Challenge Cup and the European Championship (Zurich Cup).






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The Players of Segway Polo

Become a Player

If you are interested in playing Segway Polo or starting a Segway Polo team in your area, you've come to the right place.  All you need to play Segway Polo is a Segway, polo mallet, Segway Polo ball, and a place to glide.  Starting a Segway Polo team couldnt be easier.  Inside you will find resources on how to find a team or start your own and we even include links to vendors where you can get equipment to outfit yourself or the whole team.  Click the Read More button to get all of the information you need to start playing, startup your own team, become a member of the International Segway Polo Association, and have the most fun you have ever had on two wheels!


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Balve Mammuts Defeat Team Barbados to Win Zurich Cup 2013!!

In what has been described as a spectacular finish, the Balve Mammuts defeated Team Barbados to win the Zurich Cup 2013.  The Mammuts have become a team to watch as they use their skills to rank in the top of each tournament they are in.  Read more about their win by clicking below. 


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Segway Polo In The News

Segway Polo In The News

Everyone wants to know about Segway Polo.  What it is and what its about.  Segway Polo teams have been covered on television, radio, newspaper, magazines and just about every other form of media available.  Take a look inside to see who's talking about segway polo and what they have to say.


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