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Segway Polo "The Most Fun You Can Have on Two Wheels!"

No doubt that if you have found this page you have glided along on a Segway and now your interested in taking that experience to a whole new level.  Segway Polo is played all over the world and you can play too!  Select one of the options below to get started.


Obtain a Segway!

Of course the first thing you will need to play Segway Polo is a Segway!  Segways can be purchased from a Segway dealer or private party.

Purchase - a brand new Segway can cost over $6,000 at a dealer (Click here to locate a Segway Dealer), and can take some time to get it delivered, but there is something about having that brand new Segway ready to go anywhere you are.  You can purchase a used Segway and doing so could cut this amount significantly. Finding a good used Segway can be challenging and can take some time.  If you are patient you could be rewarded with a good used Segway that will not only work for polo but for general use as well.

Rental - There are Segway tour operators all over the world that would love to rent you a Segway (Click here to locate a Segway Tour Operator).  Be sure to let them know if you intend to play polo as they may have exclusions in their contract about potential damage caused by polo. And there's always the possibility of making rental or club membership arrangements with your local Segway dealer (Click Here to locate a Segway Dealer) or tour operator.

Friend - Of course, the cheapest solution may be to make friends with a Segway owner who has a spare one and won't hold you responsible for any damage you might do to it. Friends with Segways are invaluable to polo players!


Find Your Closest Team

Check back soon as we are working on a player and team locator giving you the ability to locate the closest Segway Polo player, team or even dealer in your area. Please visit our Facebook Page for updates and to contact existing teams and players.


Purchase Equipment

Segway Polo equipment is pretty simple.  You will need three items.  A helmet for safety, a ball made of foam rubber (NERF) material, and a mallet.  We have created a special page dedicated to equipment for you to get some information about the equipment used and how to obtain some.  Normally if your just starting out and your lucky enough to have a practicing team fairly local to you, then they will likely loan you some equipment for you to try Segway Polo during a pick up game or local practice. (Click here to link to the equipment page)



Joining the ISPA will connect you with other Segway Polo enthusiasts around the world.  As a whole Segway Polo enthusiasts are the most knowledgeable people on the planet regarding Segways.  Connecting with other people who love Segways as much as you do is invaluable.  Joining the ISPA is easy and inexpensive.  Just click on the link at the top of this page that says "Join ISPA".


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