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Most ISPA teams use mallets made of real cane or composite materials like Fibercane, fiberglass, graphite and in some cases aluminum. The price will vary depending on manufacturer, quality and quantity ordered. The typical mallet used for Segway Polo will be 38″ (.965 meters) to 42″ (1.067 meters) long with a medium to light head. Mallets can be purchased from any quality polo mallet manufacturer.

The ISPA has been offered a discount on quantity purchases of Segway Polo mallets from Gladiator Sports. If you purchase 6 to 11 mallets you will get 10% off the price of the mallets. If you purchase 12 or more mallets you will receive a 12% discount on the price of the mallets. Please mention the ISPA to receive the discount. George Wood of Wood Mallets in New Zealand offers top of the line, completely customized mallets as well. 

The Official Rules of Segway Polo state, “The mallet head must be wrapped with at least ¼ inch (.635 cm) closed cell foam padding around the barrel as well as the two ends. The padding must be secured to the mallet head in a way that does not significantly change the form or function of the mallet, such as by using tape.”




The ISPA currently uses a 4 1/8″ (10.48 cm) mini nerf soccer ball. A nerf-type ball was chosen because the ball can be run over with little or no risk of the rider being thrown off their Segway. The only ball we have found that works is sold by Sport It, Inc. out of San Diego, California. This ball has the right weight and density to allow it to be hit well but still compresses if run over by a Segway.


helmetSafety is the top priority of the ISPA. All participants in any ISPA sanctioned event must wear a helmet at all times while playing. Many players wear bicycle or skateboard helmets but some players opt for the actual horse polo helmet. Regardless of what you choose wearing a helmet is always the best choice.

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